Prayer Request

Monday morning Eyayu Jembere, an Ethiopian refugee, is having his second surgery to relieve fluid that has been collecting on his brain and causing headaches and neuro-muscular pain in his neck, shoulder and arm. This time the plan is to insert a shunt which will allow the fluid to drain properly. Since this man and his wife, Zewdie, have only been in the states for a little over a year, speak and understand limited English, and cling to their African medical biases, they are having great difficulty understanding what is happening. Consequently, they are very apprehension and full of fear. In addition, today Zewdie and two other Ethiopians were in car accident on the way to visit Eyayu. No one was hurt seriously, but the accident has left Zewdie even more anxious and confused. Gary is with her and Eyayu now.

Please pray for Eyayu, the surgery, Zewdie and the kids, and for those who will be with Zewdie and the children as they walk through this difficult experience.


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