Prayer Requests

From Amanda Roberts: Please pray for the our family. All ourchildren have been in bed with a high fever and terrible cough for acouple days; it seems like it may last a few more days. Nathan will
hopefully begin catching up on schoolwork today when he is awake. Please pray that Mom and Dad stay well.

From Sherrie Miller: Nicole is still on bedrest until the end of
February, when her twins are due. (They also have a toddler.) If anyone would like to help Nicole and Laurent, there are two ways:

1. Nicole has a doctor appointment every Monday and Thursday.
Laurent works nights, and it would bless them if someone were able to help by taking Nicole to her appointments. They live in Kettering.

2. Nicole is on bedrest, so making meals is difficult. Frozen entrees would be very welcome. Sherrie is taking Nicole to the doctor on Monday, Feb. 6th. If you would like to send a meal with her, she would need to get it to her by Sunday. No restrictions, except most Rwandans generally don’t care much for sweets.

Please contact Sherrie if you would like to help in either way. Above all, please pray for Nicole.


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