Prayer Requests

A couple requests for prayer from our friends at Christ Our Hope:

Martha Berger’s 4-year old granddaughter, Luci (Ian and Jenn’s daughter), was bitten by a dog in two places on her face – one punctured her soft palette and the other her cheek. She had 2 hours of surgery with an excellent plastic surgeon Sunday night. Please pray for Luci especially with regards to both the physical and psychological impacts of this experience.

Please also pray for Paul and Karen Burns’ grandson, Robert. He was sick recently and his nephrologist (kidney doc) requested additional blood tests. The tests show that his white blood cell count and his liver enzymes are abnormally low. The doctor, who is in Sioux Falls, want him to have tests done at the Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls. Andrea, Lucy (her two-year-old), and Robert will travel (319 miles) there on Tuesday. Andrea is trying not to panic, but is having a difficult time not imagining the worst. Please pray for Robert, Andrea (and Dave), the doctors she will be dealing with, and their travel.

Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.


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