Prayer Requests

Suzie Herman is going to have surgery on her earlobes again on Monday, January 31st. The purpose of this surgery is to remove the scar tissue that formed from her surgery in June. Please pray that this time it will work – no more tumors and no more scar tissue!

From Jen Buckner:
One of the foreign students where I work had to go home suddenly this week. It seems his father is very near death. He had a heart attack/triple bypass surgery on December 26th, but ever since then has been in the ICU with pneumonia. Unfortunately, this wasn’t communicated to Michael because his mother didn’t want to worry him. (He knew about the heart attack- he didn’t know his dad had not recovered.) Pray that he’ll have safe travels there and back, and that the time with his family will be well spent. I know it will be stressful on him to come back here to classes next week (as I presume he plans on doing). He knows the church, but doesn’t really practice (he’s Greek Orthodox). Pray for peace for him, provisions for his mother, that I can be a good friend to him, and that he’ll be able to rely on God in this (and possibly change his life/priorities).


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