Prayer Update: William

From this morning…

The spinal tap seemed to go well. We don’t think they found high pressures and we will hear for sure today.

At about 6pm William had another dystonic reaction. It lasted a bit longer than the first, but it abated when they gave William benadryl. At about 9pm (I am not sure the precise time) he started to feel the signs of a third episode. At first the benadryl seemed to work, but it didn’t. It went on for about two hours by the time it passed. Valium was given after about 30 minutes. Slowly the episode wound down and my exhausted son fell asleep. I was so glad to hear his breathing sound like a sleeping person.

Carol and I think we are through with all these meds other than helping with the episodes and aftermath of the last one. We want to
get him home and rested.

Thanks for your prayers.



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