Prayer Walk Tonight (no potluck)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The God who becomes King is given all authority in heaven and on earth. He sends His disciples into all the world to claim it for Christ, to see His kingdom come and His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

During these Rogation Days and this day in particular individual parishes process around the borders of the parish praying for God’s visitation and for His dominion and blessing to fill that part of the world.

George Herbert, priest and poet, gave the following good reasons to have such processions:

1) A blessing of God for the fruits of the field;

2) Justice in the preservation of the bounds;

3) Charity, in living, walking, and neighborly accompanying one another, with reconciling of differences at that time, if there be any;

4) Mercy, in relieving the poor by a liberal distribution of largess which at that time is or ought be made.

I look forward to walking with you tonight as we pray for the world around our Sanctuary.

Rogationtide leads us to the end of the Easter season and our celebrations of the resurrection and the many appearances of the Lord to His disciples. Tomorrow we will observe the third great feast of the Christian year – The Ascension of Our Lord.

So, for the last time this year I wish you…

Easter blessings,

Fr. Wayne


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