Proposed Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

Proposed Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

20 January 2012

Members of Christ the King,

The Vestry has recently completed a review of our Parish Constitution and By-Laws.  The goals of this review were to increase clarity, remove redundancy, and ensure conformity with Diocesan and REC Canons and By-Laws.  Amended versions of both documents will be submitted to the parish for approval at our upcoming parish meeting on 27 January 2012. The number of amendments precludes presentation of each individual amendment at the meeting.  Therefore, we ask that you examine the amended Constitution and By-Laws prior to this meeting, so that you will be prepared to approve all proposed amendments en masse in a single vote.  Follow this link to view the proposed changes:

Proposed Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws

Hard copies are available on request.  Please direct questions about particular amendments to Dan Hack or Deacon Val.


Members of the Vestry



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