Refugee Ministry: Praise Reports & Prayer Requests

Thanks for your fervent prayers and support as we strive to meet needs and build relationships among our African neighbors on Neal Ave.

Praise Reports

  • We have experienced God’s faithfulness and grace as we found housing and relocated six men to Lima in less than one week. We are truly grateful for the support and generosity of the Ethiopian church, Pastor Scott, the Lima Mennonite Church, and Dan Hack’s cousin, Sharon, who helped make it a success.
  • We have also received sizable financial donations from Apex and Covenant Presbyterian Church in Vandalia to purchase clothing.
  • We wish to express our appreciation to Dominion Academy’s National Honor Society and to all who donated clothing and household goods.
  • We have between 20-30 students showing up every Monday and Wednesday evenings for ESL classes.
  • We are targeting the end of September as the start date for the Ohio Graduation Test prep classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Prayer Requests

  • “I am a blessed man.” This is just one comment I heard from the men who have relocated to Lima for a temporary roofing job. We are grateful to the Lima Mennonite Church and to Sharon, Dan Hack’s cousin, who have stepped up and are offering their love and support to our six young men. These people from different denominations have worked together and provided five bicycles, meals, food, and fellowship for these young men. Brice Brenneman and his wife Lydia stop by frequently to check on the guys. They play croquet and cornhole with the men. This weekend the Lima Mennonite Church is having a cornhole tournament; our men are spending their free time practicing so they can be competitive. Sharon has provided transportation to and from work several days this week, has taken them warm clothing, and has begun developing a plan to teach the men banking and budgeting skills. Brice, a retired social studies teacher, has begun to teach the men American history and civics. Pray that these people continue to persevere in their outreach, and that they will form lasting relationships with the men.
  • Pray for Pascal, one of the men in Lima, who has an outstanding electric bill of over $900. His power has been turned off, and he has a wife and 4 children at home. Pascal and Gary have been working feverishly to arrive at a solution, but so far they have been unable to secure the funds to pay the bill. Pascal needs this job but refuses to leave his family until the problem is resolved. Please pray for a quick resolution so Pascal can get back to work.
  • Please pray for three young men who are homeless. One has been able to find a temporary place while another goes from one house to another seeking shelter for the night and we are not certain where the third one is. Two of the men not only have poor English skills but have physical problems that impede them from finding jobs. Please pray that they will be able to learn English, that they will be able to get surgery necessary to improve their physical well-being, and that we will be able to find suitable housing for them for the winter.
  • Please pray for Emmanuel, an outstanding young Christian man, who works alongside us helping with translation, keeping us informed, and giving counsel and guidance to all those around him. Emmanuel has been here for only one month but has proved to be a very valuable asset to us by working countless hours. His heart is tender towards all, and he carries a heavy burden for all the Africans in the neighborhood, along with the three siblings he left in Africa, and all the people, especially the street children, whose lives he touched while he was in Kenya. He was helping Gary and me on Wednesday evening and for the first time I observed both physical and emotional signs of stress and weariness. Please pray that we can find a place where Emmanuel can experience the rest, refreshment, and solitude he needs to continue carrying on.
  • Please pray for willing volunteers to tutor African students in math, reading, social studies, and science so that these students are able to pass the OGT and graduate from high school. Pray that they develop the skills necessary to pass this test and that they are also able to form close relationship with one another.

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