Refugee needs – Clothes dryer

1. I am looking for someone with a truck and a dolly who would be willing to pick-up and deliver a clothes dryer for Laurent, a friend who visits our church occasionally. I haven’t found the dryer yet, but I’m watching Craig’s List and FreecycleDayton for him, and it’s important to be able to move fast when a deal is struck through these resources. You snooze, you loose. Laurent lives off Smithville in Belmont.

Also, if anyone has a dryer they’d be willing to sell for $50 or less, please let me know.

2. I am still in need of 4-5 gallon containers and fine bristled paint brushes to distribute and apply Diatomaceous Earth to Neal Ave. refugees to help control the bedbug infestation. Containers should be clean and dry. About 20 to 25 are needed.

Email or call me if you can help (Barb 878-9826, baharvey), and thank you!


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