Refugee seeking employment

Dear church family,

I have a young woman, a Congolese refugee with a family of 5, seeking employment as a housekeeper. Times are difficult for African refugees in Dayton, and she is willing to be a hard worker. Her services will include:

Clean & Disinfect Bathrooms
Clean & Disinfect Kitchen
Sweep and Mop Floors
Dust Furnishings
Cobweb Removal
Traffic Glass/Fingerprints
Vacuum Furniture & Steps
Vacuum Carpets
Remove Trash

Her duties can be tailored to meet your preferences.

She speaks limited English (though she speaks multiple languages). I will provide a translator for the initial meeting to describe details for your preferences. She will charge $40 for weekly or bi-monthly cleanings as listed above – well below commercial services. Any additional work can be billed hourly.

Her husband did some landscaping work for me last summer; he was honest, reliable, and hard working. This dear lady will be the same. If you, or someone you know would like a dependable, reasonably priced cleaning service, please email me at

You will be helping a family make it in Dayton!

Many thanks, and please pass along this information.


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