Shakespeare in the Summer

Hello all!

I hope everyone is looking forward to Shakespeare in the Summer this year. Please invite whomever you think will be interested.

For those who are wondering what Shakespeare in the Summer is, it is a reader’s theater that Fr. Wayne and Sandy have given me

permission to start. People from the church who will be attending will be given parts beforehand to study, then read at the meeting.

Meetings will last no longer than the Film, Philosophy, & Faith meetings (roughly 1.5 –2 hours).

Tentatively, it will begin the Sunday night after July 4th and will probably be at 55 Bell, but it will not happen every week

so the location and time are subject to change. Any and all who are interested would be welcome. So come and enjoy a dramatic

performance reading of the Shakespeare play, "Twelfth Night"!

I am sending out the list of parts for "Twelfth Night" from which anyone may choose a part who feels sufficiently able to

handle a large (or small) role, preferably those who know themselves to have talents or training for theatrical performance,

performance reading, or just simply reading aloud.

There is no memorization needed, however, the reason why we must cast the parts now is so everyone can study their

parts beforehand–meaning that you’ll probably have to read the entire play, so that your part holds no secrets for you.

The Players (In roughly descending order by largeness of role):

Orsino — Duke of Illyria
Olivia — Countess
Viola — twin sister of Sebastian
Sebastian — twin brother of Viola
Antonio — friend of Sebastian
Sir Toby Belch — uncle of Olivia
Maria — Olivia’s waiting woman
Malvolio — steward to Olivia
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Fabian — servant
Feste — the Clown

From this, people may choose a fitting role for themselves. Nevertheless, problems may arise. And as a woefully under-qualified casting director,

I still have to reserve the right to arbitrarily cast parts for the people who all happen to choose the same roles.

So to avoid disappointment and confusion resulting from the casting process,

please suggest along with your primary choice, secondary and tertiary choices as well.

Thank you very much, (and if everyone will excuse the length of this email) I look forward to hearing back

from everyone soon and anticipate a wonderful summer colored with notes of Shakespeare.

Jon Hartlaub

Duke Orsino:

If music be the food of love, play on…
(Twelfth Night, 1.1)


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