Small Groups to discuss new church plant

Here are the small groups we have set up to meet with the clergy to discuss the new church plant.  If you are unable to attend the one you are assigned, please call your host and hostess to let them know.  If there are enough who absolutely can’t make their session, we will try to schedule a makeup session.

If you have any questions, please give me a call (Home 298-6454)


Dss Candy for Fr. Wayne

Small Groups to Discuss New Church Plant

Saturday, Feb. 6         Hosts: Paul & Karen Burns

                                    Mark & Karen Perry

                                    Elyse Burns

                                    Mike Koon

                                    Karl & Eva Gangloff

                                   Chris & Carol Herman

                                    Tracy & Mary Katheryn Freeman

                                    Jon & Sherrie Miller


Thursday, Feb. 11      Hosts: Ed & Judee Evaniuk

                                    Barb Harvey (Cliff works nights)

                                    Andy & Jan Figueroa

                                    Terri Sebree

                                    Kristie Roberts

                                    Veronica McNamara

                                    Todd & Karen Jackson

Thursday, Feb. 18      Hosts: Tom & Martha Berger

                                    Mark Stevenson

                                    Leo & Marian Wright

                                    Mark & Erin Caldwell

                                    Mike & Betsy McDermott

                                    Dorothea Fortener

                                    Susan Bendrick

Tuesday, Feb.23         Hosts: Rich & Barbara Zepernick

                                    Gary & Pam Laughlin

                                    Pam Baugham (Jeff works nights)

                                    Charles Newsome

                                    Brenna & Reuben Ruiz

                                    Dan & Bley Hack

                                    Jeff Ross

Tuesday, Mar 2          Dave & Tammy Abshear

                                    Jenny & Jeremy Downey

                                    Seth Tipps

                                    Jen Buckner

                                    Jillian Kehr

                                    “Make-up Session” people

Thursday, Mar 4        Larry & Lisa Trimbach

                                    Tim & Stephanie Taylor

                                    Joe McNamara

                                    Jon Hartlaub

                                    Tim Dana

                                    Gail & Walt Schroeder

                                    Tom & Janny Kehr

                                    Joanna Taylor

                                    Stanley & Temple Rodrigues


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