Special Performances for COH/CKAC

Young & Old – come and enjoy youth ministry with the MISSION 55 FINE ARTS TEAM.

The group shares the truths of God’s love through song, dance, drama and the spoken word.

Come and see the MISSION 55 FINE ARTS TEAM on August 1. There are two performances, the first performance is from 9:30-10:15am at Christ Our Hope Church in Riverside, OH. The second performance is that evening starting at 7pm at the Forest Ridge Gazebo on Forest Ridge Blvd, Riverside, Ohio.

The group is from the Warwick Assembly of God Church in Hampton, VA. They have been invited to perform at the National Fine Arts Festival in Detroit, Michigan, and are stopping in Riverside for these two performances on Aug. 1. Come and enjoy!

The attached flyer contains photos of the team.

Several of the troupe members are children of Ron & Betsy Bishop. Ron, Betsy and family worshiped with Christ the King for many years before leaving for a new job in Virginia. They will be in town several days earlier to catch up with everyone.

Mission 55 Flyer1.pdf


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