students in need of housing

Dear church family,

I’ve been contacted for help by a local Rwandan friend who has arranged WSU scholarships for 35 students from Rwanda, including 3 married couples. She tells me the only way this will be possible for them is to find host families in the Dayton area. They will arrive in Dayton financially unable to rent housing.

This is an amazing opportunity for these students. Less than 10% of Rwandans receive a high school education, and only 1.7% are able to obtain a college education. Having spent time in Rwanda, I can tell you that Rwandans are very warm, friendly people who have a strong desire to make their society better, and are willing to work hard to that end.

This is not a request to make a 4 year commitment to provide a home for a student. Housing from September through December is desirable, and anything beyond that would be strictly up to each family. It will also probably be necessary to be near a bus route. It’s possible that, after a period of time, students may be able to find part-time employment and make other housing arrangements, but this is only a guess.

If you would like to help make this opportunity a reality for these students, please contact me (Barb 878-9826 baharvey) and feel free to forward this request to anyone you know who might be interested in helping.



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