The Day of the Lord

My Dear Brethren,

Our lives are full of many things, many desires, many commitments, and sometimes we feel pulled in too many directions. The Evangelist St. Luke reminds us of what things must be most important to us. He faithfully reports about the very first Christians:

They were devoted to (they continued steadfastly in, they were yet persevering in) the teaching of the apostles, and to the fellowship (communion), and to the breaking of the bread (the Eucharist), and to the prayers (the appointed times of corporate prayer).” Acts 2:42

And so it should be with us. Because of the geographical distances between us during the week we must be all the more circumspect about our life together and especially our gathering on the Day of the Lord (Sunday). This is an extremely important affair. It is the only time we ALL can gather. Each Sunday we convene and uniquely constitute the body of Christ. It is only then we most fully constitute the Bride as we meet with our Bridegroom and participate in the Marriage Feast. It is often the only occasion we have to see certain other members of our parish.

The presence of each member is not only desired but incredibly needed. Your presence is consequential. The unity and integrity of our life together must be cherished and jealously guarded. Our love for one another and our unity are after all our Lord’s chief concerns.

I look forward to being with you this Lord’s Day.

Oh, yes. TOMORROW:

The Uniqueness of the Gospel of John – our topic in the adult class.

.and don’t forget we have the pleasure of eating a meal together after Services. Bring something to share if you are able. If not, come anyway. After all, it is the sharing of our lives that is truly the more desired food.

God’s grace and blessings attend you,

Fr. Wayne


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