The Death of Our Enemies

The modern Christian is conflicted. Should I rejoice in the downfall of my enemies? Yes? No? The conflict is often based on the false notion that joy and sorrow can not or should not exist together.

JOY. The Scriptures bid us to revel when the wicked fall, justice is accomplished, and filling-the-world-with-the-‘deathful’-fruit-of-wickedness people are no longer allowed to perpetrate evil designs to the great suffering of others.

SORROW. On the other hand, tragically defaced and deformed images of God who live in estranged from God as enemies never know the glorious, merciful face of Christ our Victor, King, and Saviour and what it means to be heir to everything He obtained for us by His precious blood-shedding. We mourn the loss of goodness, beauty, and truth and what good might have been.

BOTH. In a world of far too many contrived and simplistic false choices we may righteously and un-apologetically experience them both.

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

May the blessings of this Eastertide continue to fill our hearts and homes,

Fr. Wayne


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