The Feast of Christ’s Circumcision


Dear Brethren,

May the Lord bless this day of Christmastide feasting with a special thanks to God for our Lord’s faithfulness in every way.

On this Feast of the Circumcision many thoughts fill my heart but this one I thought I would take time to share.

It seems significant that the Church’s New Year precedes the world’s civil new year on January 1.  Time originates in the Holy Trinity and seems to be some reflection of the motions between them.  The eternal purposes of God for creation and mankind are expressed in time and space and especially in and through God’s covenant people.  The Christian new year reminds us that all of the intensely dramatic enterprise we call life has its beginning and first impulse in heaven. The turning of yet another year (and the conception of even one more child) is heaven’s declaration of God’s unceasing intention to impose the eternal Will on creation and extend the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples. For this the world must go on.  The desire and life of heaven will cascade, fill, and overtake the world with its deformed, depraved devices.

Jesus’ Circumcision restates our Covenant Lord’s intention to make all things new because in the Old Covenant circumcision means regeneration.  This is now Anno Domini (year of the Lord) 2012. The God by whom, from whom, and for whom all things exist  has given it to us as gift.  As the world transitions the Kingdom is already renewed in gladness and hope.  The Church whose heavenly Sun never sets, in Kingdom outposts all over the world, is poised to reengage the world as the entire globe enters another year.

May we be unswervingly faithfully as the Light of the world.

Many Christmastide blessings!

Fr. Wayne



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