The Feast of Pentecost

Alleluia! Christ the Lord ascendeth to heaven.  O come let us adore Him! Alleluia!

And the  Day of Pentecost is almost here!

You can make our Lord’s Day celebration this Pentecost Sunday more festive.

Bring a Columbine. The traditional flower for Pentecost is the Columbine.  They come in many colors but here is a red one;

Green.  The color of life. Filling the sanctuary with green is also a long-standing tradition to symbolize the new life of the Holy Spirit that comes to us and the world as He renews His Church again with His presence and gifts.

Bring potted green plants or red flowering plants to fill the sanctuary.

Red. Red represents the tongues of fire that divide and rest on the disciples on the day of Pentecost. It also represents the blood of the martyrs which many of these disciples will certainly shed.

Adorn yourselves with something red this Sunday (only clothing or jewelry appropriate for worship please)

Ascensiontide blessings,

Fr. Wayne



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