update on Marianne Morse

Bishop Dan accompanied me this morning for the first appointment with oncologist, Dr. Brian Hemphill. He’s recommending another CAT scan of the lung in 3 months. If there is any change or growth in the spot, he’ll address it at that time. He has also ordered untrasounds of my thyroid, kidneys, and left breast in an effort to rule out cancer in those places.

Bladder cancer is still the primary concern. Tomorrow I’ll have another re-section of one of the tumors to determine its full extent. The pathology report on that will indicate what treatment they’ll recommend.

I am very thankful for the good care I’m receiving from the medical community here. Dan and I are overwhelmed by the love and concern you all have expressed through prayers, letters and gifts. God has certainly given us the gift of His peace.

Marianne Morse


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