Update on Mary Neal Miller

From Chuck Miller:

A very special thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers for Mary Neal.

My family and I have been busy between home and the hospital, etc. for the last few days, and I apologize for the delay in e-mailing you to keep you up to date about Mary Neal’s condition.

She spent three days in the Sprinfield hospital undergoing all sorts of tests. All tests went very well. Thursday she had an angiogram, and the neurologist determined that she did indeed have an aneurysm but that it was too small for any surgery. So she will not have to go on to OSU or Miami Valley Hospital.

Her slight facial muscle droop of the left side of her mouth and eye have been getting better every day. They are hardy noticeable now. However, her left arm and hand are a little slow in the recovery, but getting stronger every day. The weakness in her left leg is nearly gone, too. She has been told that there has been no permanent damage and that she should have a full recovery. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!!

We brought her home Friday afternoon and have kept her comfortable. We will continue to pamper her and keep her on the mend. Our daughters will not let her do anything around the house.

Our family is so very grateful that we have so many caring friends and neighbors and that the Lord has spared her of any kind of lasting disability. GOD IS GOOD!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers. You all are very special people.


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