Urgent – Host Families Needed

Dear Dominion Friends and Families,

At the last minute, we have the opportunity to take in two additional South Korean students for this school year. However, we need a couple families that would be willing to host them. Hosting foreign students can be enjoyable because families get an opportunity to learn about their lifestyle and culture, their family, and their hopes and dreams for the future. They go to church with us and on outings and even vacation with us at times. They learn to speak better English, what it’s like to be an American and become one of the few people on earth who can say they attended a quirky Christian school called Dominion Academy of Dayton. Many times these relationships become life-long. Don’t miss your opportunity. The students will arrive in the next week or so and leave just after school is out in early June.

These students come with their tuition and school expenses paid and a small monthly stipend to off-set your household’s expenses. Please let me know by Thursday, September 13.

Thank you for reaching,

Dss. Michelle Caldwell
Headmaster, Dominion Academy


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