URGENT Prayer Request

From Karen Burns:

Many of you are praying for our friend and employee, Willy Sebatware, who recently left to go back to his native Congo to begin the process of building schools in the war-ravaged nation. We received word this morning and was it confirmed this afternoon that he has been arrested. The person I spoke with said this is a very grave situation and prayer is the only hope he has, at this point, of ever being released. Please pray for Willy, his wife, Lillian, and his five children who are here in the states. (They actually live in the same block as the Baugham family.)

Almighty God, ruler of the universe, king of all nations, we pray for our brother Willy in the Congo. We trust Your great and magnificent love for him to bring him through this most difficult situation; we pray for Your mercy and Your goodness. We ask that You would intervene in the natural realm in Your supernatural way to provide a way of escape for Willy and to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ. We also ask Your divine protection for Lillian and the children and ask that You would send Your Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to be their strength and consolation during this time. Give them that peace which the world cannot give and turn their eyes and minds and hearts toward You. We thank You, Father, for hearing us, as we pray in the strong name of Jesus Christ and trust in the power of Your Holy Spirit to bring a great and wondrous victory. Amen.


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