Volunteer Help needed

Volunteers Help Needed:

1) Christ the King: Persons are needed at 8:30 Saturday morning, June 19th, to help remove the furniture and books from Father Wayne’s office so that it can be painted while he is on vacation.
Please contact Gary Laughlin if you can help.
Phone: 278-2477 (leave message) or email: gary.laughlin

2) COH, CTK, and Dominion Academy:

Many of you have longed to see the space behind the building turned into something functional for the church and the school. We now have several persons who are willing to do the hard work to help make this happen. We will be establishing a committee to plan and design the use of this space over the next month, but the first step is getting rid of the old asphalt. Jordan Laughlin is heading up this part of the project and would like all the help he can get. This is a great way for you young men, and older guys too, to develop those pecks, biceps, and six packs!!

The first work session will be held Tuesday evening at 6:00 until dark. We will strive to work most evenings and some daytime hours until the job is completed. So if you cannot come out on Tuesday evening, there will be plenty of opportunities to help. When you come, make certain you bring with you a pair of good work gloves.

If you are unable to help out, we are also looking for persons who would be willing to donate the tools to get the job done. We need heavy duty wheelbarrows, spud bars, picks, mattocks, flat shovels. More importantly we need a dump truck in order to haul away the broken asphalt. So is you have access to one please let Jordan know.

If you have any questions or are able to donate tools for this project, please contact Jordan Laughlin.
Phone: 301-0045 or 278-2477 or
email: laujordan


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