Walk 4 Life: Additional Information

Here is more detailed information on how to sponsor the Teachey family for the Walk 4 Life on Saturday:

1.  After going to the Website, click on the “Sponsored Walker” link.
2. Read the directions.
3. Click on the “Donate Now” link.
4. Fill out the form. Most of the fields are self explanatory but here are a few notes
    a. Enter the amount you want to donate in “Walk Donation” field (This is the 5th field in “Account Information” section.) Leave the other fields at 0.00
   b. Make sure “One Time” appears in the “Frequency” menu.
   c. Enter either Rick Teachey or Jacqueline Teachey in the “Notes” field. If you want to sponsor both, submit the form for one, then fill it out again and enter the other person in the “Notes” field.
  d. You can pay with your credit card, checking account, or savings account. Only Master Card and Visa are accepted.
If anyone else is walking please let Tim Dana or Amanda McGill know so we can help you gain sponsors by posting your name to the blog. To find out more information about Walk 4 Life in the Dayton area, use this link: http://www.miamivalleywomenscenter.org/walk4life-2013.html


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