Wednesday of Holy Week – Spy Wednesday

Dear Brethren,

Nothing is explicitly said about Wednesday in the Scriptures but in the Western tradition today is called Spy Wednesday.  Today the following things take place in Matthew 26:6-16, Mark 14:3-9, and Luke 22:1-6

The first two Gospels tell us the extremely moving event immediately preceding Judas’ treachery. In the house of Simon the leper Jesus is anointed with oil by a woman using a very costly ointment of spikenard.  Some of the disciples were indignant saying the oil could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Jesus however chides them and was grateful for the tender kindness which He said was the anointing His body ‘for the burying’.

It was after this Judas began his insidious work of betrayal. Luke explains that “Satan entered into Judas who is called Iscariot one of the twelve” closest to Jesus.  Judas then went to the chief priests and officers and discussed how he might betray Jesus. They paid him thirty pieces of silver.  Judas was now a spy for the Sanhedrin.

Today let us continue to walk closely with Jesus as we journey to His Passion on Friday.

May the Lord’s blessings of true repentance and healing attend us as we humbly finish out Lent.

I hope to see you at Holy Communion today at 12:15.  It is a said service and will take no more than an hour.

Fr. Wayne


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