Why Not Now?

NativityMerry Christmas! I’ve been putting off writing to you (all) for a couple of weeks waiting for the right time. Lesson one: there is no right time.
Cancellation Announcement: The celebration of Holy Innocents tomorrow, Tuesday 12/28 has been canceled. Please join us on Wednesday 12/29 for Burke McNamara’s visitation and funeral (announcement several posts below or at THIS LINK).
It’s not too late (to make a 2010 tax year contribution): This summer, the vestry approved the re-construction of the women’s bathroom for compelling reasons. I understand that all women understand those reasons. Although we had a brilliantly conceived design, we did not have the money for this, but set out in faith that Dominion Academy would raise funds for this along with Christ the King. Time slipped through our fingers and we continue to make finishing touches. But, it looks nice, doesn’t it? Dominion Academy started it’s fund raiser a few weeks ago. Their nice letter can be seen HERE. It’s not fair, of course, to expect Dominion Academy to raise all of the $6,000 needed to cover the cost. Won’t you please consider making a contribution towards this improvement. You may mark your contributions “Building Fund – Women’s Bathroom.” Contributions dated in 2011 will also be gratefully received. 🙂

Faithfully – Andy Figueroa – Sr. Warden


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