Women of the Church meeting

We opened with a devotional read by Candy Jacques from the book “Praying With Jesus” by Eugene Petersen.  We discussed old business.  New business consisted of discussing committee heads.  Here are the committee heads for 201o.  The first name listed is the committee head, the following are committee members.

Special Events:

Chili Cookoff/Greening of the Church/Caroling:  Erin Caldwell, Jenny Downey, Kristy Roberts
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper: Kristy Roberts, Darlene Prenger, Betsy McDermott
Lamb’s Supper: Barb Zepernick, Terri Sebree, Karen Perry
Daughters of the King Tea:  Tammy Abshear, Gail Shroeder, Jenny Downey,
Summertime Picnics:  Karla Herman
Christ the King Sunday:  Erin Caldwell, Karla Herman
Ladies Retreat:  Terri Sebree, Jenny Downey
All-Saints Party: Erin Caldwell, Mark Caldwell
3rd of July Tailgate:  Barb Zepernick
Flowers inside:  Marian Wright, Martha Berger
Flowers outside: Gail Shroeder, Tammy Abshear, Erin Caldwell
Women’s Intercessory Prayer Group:  Candy Jacques, Terri Sebree, Lydia Prenger
Bible Study:  Darlene Prenger, Erin Caldwell, Jen Buckner
Sanctuary Cleaners:  Karen Perry, Barb Zepernick, Tammy Abshear
Meal Organizer:  Anita Evanhoe, Temple Rodrigues
Nursery Organizer:  Erin Caldwell
MVWC Center Liason:  Jenny Downey, Terri Sebree
Kitchen Organizer:  Tammy Abshear
Communications:  Karla Herman, Erin Caldwell
Sewing and Crafts: Tammy Abshear
Prayer Shawls:  Bley Hack?
Coffee Shop and Talent Night:  Tammy Abshear, Barb Zepernick
Valentine’s Day Dance: Barb Zepernick
Rummage Sale:  Susan Current
Mystery Spaghetti Dinner:  Sandy McNamara, Kristy Roberts, Tammy Abshear
Cookbook:  Candy Jacques

These committees still need volunteers:  Set up and clean-up for Sunday refreshments, Historian.

We discusses planning a women’s work day to thoroughly clean and polish the sanctuary and to clean all the cupboards in the kitchen.

Candy Jacques is soliciting recipes until February 14 for the cookbook. 

The kitchen needs a better coffee maker – like a Bunn.  Erin Caldwell is looking into it and she will ask Pat Prenger for the funds to buy it.

Officers for 2010 are Tammy Abshear, Candy Jacques and Karla Herman.

Breakfast was wonderful!


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